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About the Safe Homecoming Campaign:

The Homecoming campaign was developed by our Teen Advisory Board. This campaign targets their peers during Homecoming season with a positive message to "Come Home after Homecoming and to stay safe and sober". Statistics were used in a positive light to show that the majority of Jefferson County students grades 6-12 had not abused alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs in the past 30 days. Multiple promotional items have been created with funding from Jefferson Foundation and state funding sources to create a consistent and recognized campaign around Jefferson County.

Safe After Homecoming Ideas

Late Night Eats

Check out a local diner for some greasy foods, Steak 'n Shake is offering a $4 meal menu and 54th Street restaurant offers $5 appetizers

Get Moving!

Put on some comfy clothes or even keep on your prom attire and check out the City Museum! They are open until midnight on the weekends.

Late Night Movie

Keep on those fancy clothes and catch a flick at the movie theater in your tux and gown.

Stay in Your Lane!

Rent some bowling lanes for regular or even cosmic bowl. Go comfy or keep it interesting by trying to bowl in your formal wear.

The marketing materials

Stay safe and sober thishomecoming seaso
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