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Have You Heard About TAB?

Jefferson County P.R.I.D.E. has a group of high school students on its Teen Advisory Board, also known as TAB. TAB’s mission is “to help students understand the consequences of substance abuse.” It is made up of Jefferson County High School students who identify and enhance personal skills to effectively target communities’ challenges related to substance abuse, underage drinking, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Benefits of TAB:

IT’S FREE!! Free to students to be apart of, free for students to go to conferences and/or trainings, and free to the schools to utilize the campaign materials the TAB students create.

Our overall goal is to enhance the skills of young people working in prevention (develop youth leaders).

Provide them with the necessary tools and support to enable youth as leaders

Send them to conferences and local trainings to then bring back information to peers, parents, and elected officials. Topics include substance abuse, underage drinking, marijuana, prescription drugs. *Good for resumes and college admissions*

Help them create sustainable programs for their individual districts to represent and reach the greatest number of youth possible in the Jefferson County area.

The idea is to have more students avoid turning to drug use and focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles to in turn see a decline in drug use among youth.

Students deserve a drug and alcohol free environment where they can focus on education and developing skills they need to meet their own goals. Contact us if you know a high school student or you yourself are interested in the group.

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