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PROM Campaign

So you may or may not have seen our materials for our PROM campaign around Jefferson County, MO. If you have wonderful! We hope you provide feedback on your thoughts. If not we wanted to provide some information on what it is all about. The PROM campaign was created by our Teen Advisory Board (TAB). This is a group of high school students who meet once a month to help influence their peers to be safe and sober.

The students were looking around at what others had done for safe prom campaigns and stumbled upon the acronym PROM which stood for "please return on Monday" and so our own campaign began with that! They found some statistics from Jefferson County came up with their own quote, used the prom acronym and the design started to come alive. The TAB students paired with the Prom Store in Festus who allowed them to put a coupon to the store on the prom flyer! Jefferson County P.R.I.D.E.'s newest staff member joined the group at this point and helped bring the whole campaign to life. The TAB design was sent to a promotional company who recreated the flyer below and also the other materials below.

This campaign not only includes the flyer with the coupon, a flyer without, a 4x6' banner, 5.5x5.5" table tent, 3" sticker, yard signs, and some silicone bracelets. The idea for the materials was to get them out to all of the public schools and supporting businesses to have students in Jefferson County constantly keep seeing the message to "Please Return On Monday". This way the Teen Advisory Board could hopefully encourage their peers to be safe after prom.

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